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Post GDC 2010 CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer Shows Crysis 2 With Awesome Physics and Destruction

A new tech trailer for CryEngine 3 has been shown at GDC 2010. In this new tech trailer, Crysis 2 is used to show off CryEngine 3 and its amazing new features. The part of the tech demo we are interested in is called 'Destructible Worlds' where some awesome physics based destruction is shown. The video shows 'Procedural Destruction', 'Integrated Physics' and 'Procedural Deformation'. Check out the video embed below to see these amazing physics features in CryEngine 3 for yourself.

This is pretty exciting to see the physics and destruction of CryEngine 3, we have been excited about CryEngine 3 and Crysis 2 since it was announced that Cryengine 3 will be using a custom made in-house Physics Engine and not using Havok Physics or PhysX Middleware. According to Crytek founder Cevat Yerli 'The in-house creation allows the destruction of almost any object (trees, vehicles or buildings)'.

From the CryENGINE® 3 ' Specifications Page:
  • Integrated Multi-threaded High Performance Physics Engine
    CryENGINE®3 physics can be applied to almost everything in a game world ' including buildings, props, trees and vegetation ' to model realistic reactions to forces such as wind currents, explosions, gravity, friction and collisions with other objects. All this can be done without the need for external middleware.
  • Interactive & Destructible Environments
    All environments in CryENGINE®3 can be dynamically physicalized, regardless of their nature (wood, steel, concrete, natural vegetation, cloth and soft body physics). This allows procedural destruction and deformation of as much of the
    environment as the game requires. All broken objects and parts can be interactive, with realistic properties such as mass or buoyancy applied to all kinds of debris.
  • Advanced Rope Physics
    Bendable vegetation that responds to wind, rain or character movement, realistically interactive rope bridges and physically driven creature tentacle animations are just some of the uses to which Crytek has put its rope physics technology.

Read more about CryEngine 3 here.

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