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Default Re: Official Assassin's Creed II Thread

Originally Posted by FearMeAll View Post
Hey are you guys having a hard time mapping the controls with the xbox controller?? First off, the default layout is wrong! Just like with assassin's creed 1. No big deal, I fix that. But there are still 2 buttons I can't map because it will not recognize the rudders as buttons but only axis's. So I have the contextual camera and center camera not mapped. So stupid. What I'm going to have to do is use joytokey for the other two buttons. So now to play the game I have to fire up joytokey then play. WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT? It's an xbox port!

I'm playing on a big projection screen and I should've just grabbed the xbox version. sheesh.
The wireless Xbox controller has these issues with the triggers, the wired one does not. It's across all kinds of games, is a driver issue with MS.
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