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Default GTX 295 downclocking itself!

Grrr this is really annoying guys, in crysis all seem fine and according to rivatuners Hardware monitor the clocks are what they are supposed to. But after maybe 10 minutes of ingame crysis.. maxed settings so it's making my card sweat, now temps where just over 80 degreeds celcius which i find not half-bad. Then suddenly my fps dropps from 30 - 40 down to 10 - 15.. and checking hardware monitor now my clocks are low, around 300 - 400. I heard the 200 series has some automatically downclocking function when you're not using 3d.. as idle in windows etc to save power. I tried to remove this and seemed to succed, now i believe my card downclocks itself due to heat problems. Is there a way to finally and ultimately turn this function off? It's ANNOYING!
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