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Default Re: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Benchmarks

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
And I really want to see some results in here for people with 8gb ram.
System RAM has little or nothing to do with it but video RAM makes a somewhat big difference. You should try putting shadows on lowest and turning off HBAO as those are the biggest overall performance killers by far. The shadows eat into your video memory and fillrate while HBAO takes shader performance. Those two make an average difference of ~40fps vs. 60-70fps on the GTX260 in my system. AA makes almost no difference on the GTX260 whereas it made a big difference on my 8800GTS, suggesting that memory could be the bottleneck. Since your friend has a 1gb card then all of these combined could definitely account for the difference to your 512mb card.

Your mate isn't explicitly telling an untruth because performance in the game wavers immensely depending on how much is going on. He could quite possibly be getting a fluid framerate in a 16 player match (though 80-90fps is an exaggerration) at those settings.
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