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Default Re: Hi-res screenshots from NVIDIA DX11 tech demos

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I wonder when we'll see truly realistic grass like that in some form in a game. Obviously it'd be scaled way back, but that'd be awesome to have characters running through a field and having it leave foot prints.

That's a long way off though. Hell, most games don't even show cheesy sprite-based grass past 50 feet right now, let alone have fully rendered 3D grass that reacts to physics.
You know- I often feel as though the golden years of PCs and gaming are behind us... the excitement about new technologies as each new one brings a noticeable leap in our computing capabilities. The excitement surrounding the latest DX or OGL and what it brings to the table, and anticipation over how ATi and nVidia will support it, and what the game devs will do with it and the hardware.

For the longest time it seemed like things would never pick up- that they'd always be slow and just get slower and slower unless you gamed on a console.

However, with DD Connect, DTS Live, PhsyX, 3D Gaming, tessellation, and true 64-bit and multi-threaded games it really seems like we may be entering yet another "golden era". At least as far as technology is concerned.

Now with Valve porting games to MacOS. This is great as they'll be using OpenGL, which means native support in Linux distros such as Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Which will boost competition for MS in regards to Windows.

I mean, you already have Office for the Mac, and then there is OpenOffice which works just fine. Now a major developer of PC Games is releasing software for MacOS- I'm really beginning to get excited as to what all this could mean in the future. It just seems like significantly increased competition is the only outcome.

I think MS will slowly loose market share, which means they'll be forced to become more competitive.

People rave over Windows 7? Well, when MacOS and Linux slowly steal some of Windows' thunder I'd imagine Windows 8 to be all that much more impressive.

Maybe I'm just being overly optimistic- I don't know. Just seems to me like things in the industry are picking up in a rather exciting way.
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