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It is more advanced than the wiimote, but it still only tracks hand motions like the wiimote - further it is still susceptible to room lighting issues due to partially relying on a regular camera.

Therefore I'd say it is still significantly behind Natal, but ahead of Wiimote. I mean, think of playing a soccer game on Natal, then playing the same game with Move/Wii... I can't imagine it being as fun on move, nor would it be as realistic or work as well.
It tracks more then hand motions, it also tracks position and faces to a degree. It also is not restricted by lighting of the room (mind you they had it demo'd at a convention where lighting is not very bright at all). They even showed tests with someone blocking the camera, it continued working but its precision dropped somewhat.

Natal is nothing more then a version of Move without the controllers. Sony has been doing Natal like things for years now with the Eye Toy. There have been plenty of games in the past on the PS2 that showed Natal light things. Natal only ups the precision of it all (due to using more then a single camera).

If theres one thing though is that games for Natal will have to be designed for Natal. It is going to have a resource requirement far larger then the Wiimotes and Move. Move needs less then 2MB of system ram. I mean its rumored that GT5 will use Move as an option.
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