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Default RedHat 9 + Shuttle SN41G2 - Network Config

new to Linux, I'm trying to build up a machine I can learn on. It's been a frustrating time so far!

I'm installing on a Shuttle XPC SN41G2 which runs an nForce2 chipset. I've installed RH9 and it's up and running with the exception of the network card.

I've downloaded the RPM from nvidia's site for Red Hat 9. (2.4.20_6)
burned it onto a CD.

Then I opened a terminal window and did this:

$ su
password: xxxxxx
$ cd /mnt/cdrom/
$rpm -i NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.rh90up_2.4.20_6.athlon.rpm

everything seemed to work fine. now I've tried all sorts of things since. I've read I need to do a "insmod nvnet" or a "modprobe nvnet" but they don't find anything. Do I need to do that from a specific directory?

I've rebooted, no love.

I went into the "Network Configuration" control panel to the hardware tab, double clicked on the nvnet eth0 entry... the IRQ is "unknown" - I've tried changing it to 11 (what the BIOS says the network adapter is as it boots) and 22 (what WinXP assigns the nVidia network adapter). When I hit the OK button, I get this:


The ethernet card cannot be initialized.
Please verify your settings and try again.

Command failed /sbin/modprobe nvnet

modprobe: Can't locate module nvnet

any thoughts/help anyone can offer? Do I need to shut off plug-and-play?
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