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Default Re: Official Metro 2033 Feedback Thread

There is low, normal, high and very high settings...this is very high with AAA what ever that is running the game at these settings with 4xMSAA gave me single digit fps

I changed it to AAA and it still chugged a little....I think one more 5870 and it run fine at these settings.

I don't even think two 480GTXs will conquer this game, and you can forget about physx for a while if you want to max it out. Maybe Fermi might do better with the tessellation IDK.

The DX11 settings are Tessalation and Advance DOF (depth of field)

I'll post some more DX11 shots tomorrow, I don't want to get to far in the without my 3rd card though.

This is with 2x5870s...3rd card incoming

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