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Default Re: Realistic time frame for Fermi (not happy with 5870)

an nvidia fan forum, full of ati fans... wow all of a sudden I don't feel like I can come here and read post without seeing an damn ati war from the little fan boys. Yes I am a fan of nvidia, but I am on what is suppose to be an nvidia site, not a graphics war. No matter who wants to argue this, nvidia is on top, its not just on top in graphics. Its looking ahead at things outside of gaming. ATI is simply behind, and it will not catch up with people who have bought one and come here to post their awful experience. If this was some long time forum member I could see, but this guy is someone who asked a simple question because clearly he didn't want to tread through hours of "Hey ATI is better" threads to find the answer, which is exactly all these threads in the GF100 Thread is.

The guy answered a question and automatically 10 ****ing ati fan boys come here telling him hes wrong, just because hes unhappy. I mean come on if I go out here and buy a damn lawn mower for instances, and it doesn't work to my satisfaction, and I take it back, is the store clerk suppose to sit there and tell me how he has one, and its perfect, and how I am wrong. NOPE I'd throw the keys in his face, and request my ****ing money back. In this case its just a bunch of people who need to grow up and except the fact that not to many have had good experiences with these ****ty ATI card's. Most I find it rather funny that some are willing to down grade to a "lower" nvidia card just to avoid having to use the crappy ATI card. Everyone keeps coming here saying "The 5870 is so much faster then the 260" well good for it, but there isn't one game out there not even ****ty Crysis, that I can't play on mine, and enjoy, because 30-40 FPS is perfectly playable for me, and the 260 does a great job at handling that FPS without dipping to low.

I've been playing Bad Company 2, maxed out at 1600 by 1050 since its released, got 8XAA and I average around 35 to 45 FPS, sometimes into the upper 50's. Even in a intense sitation, fraps never reported my game dropping below 30 FPS.

So you guys have fun sitting here being little kiddies, but just be warned, this is an nvidia fan site, and I registered here because I like nvidia, and still do. I won't be buying no ****ty ATI CARD, and yes they are ****ty in MY opinion, which is the keyword there. If you wanna open your mouth with one, then be pre-warned ima spout right back, not one thing you can say here to offend me, or even counter anything I've said. I don't care how much higher the ATI card does in games, and I damn sure could careless about DX11 till more "DX11 games" are released. ATI has ****ty drivers, and from just reading the first page of this thread, "You gotta do this, and that to get this to work", **** that, if I bought an ATI card I'd be sending that hunk of **** back, if I couldn't even play without issue.

How many of you are in a gaming clan? Probably very few that are. I have CLAN MATES, that have those ****ty cards. They are always crashing, or having some complaint about their card. One guy had was playing took a screen shot and his **** had little tears all in it, I pointed out his card was articfacting it went out a week later. I am not talking about a small clan, I am talking about a pretty good sized clan here.

Bottom line is, theres more then a few people who disagree. So fan boys go away, go on over to that Rage3d site, and RAGE about your awesome cards there.
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