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Default Re: ***Official God of War III Feedback Thread***

Got my Ultimate Edition and it is awesome. But you want my feedback? BUY THIS MOTHER ****ING GAME. Best game I have ever played. The graphics are INSANE and the sound is insane, and of course the gameplay is that God of War gameplay you love. I have beaten a few bosses (don't want to ruin the story for anybody), and the game is amazing. The way you kill some of these guys is AMAZING. I still cannot believe how good this freaking game looks.

But anyway... been playing through on Titan (Hard) and it is pretty tough at times. There was one part that was annoying PURELY because of the fact that it is a 10 minute long section (or so, not sure how long really lol) and if you fail you have to start the ENTIRE part over. Took me a million tries and a million times telling the game "NO" when it asked me if I wanted to go to easy mode lol.

But if you have the means to play this game, DO IT. You will NOT regret it.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot to mention. The first hour alone beats almost every other game I have ever played.
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