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Default Re: Official Metro 2033 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
My main gripe was the fact that it forces me to use the controller if its plugged in. I mean even if I use the K&M as long as its plugged in the game shows the prompts and even during some scenes I had to use the controller (like skipping scenes or clearing a tutorial prompt).
I noticed this too - my wireless is normally off but I had just finished playing some AC2 and it was left on when I noticed Metro had unlocked. After loading, having only the option to use the controller scared me - I thought it didn't use keyboard! Shutting down my controller fixed that at least.

As for performance, I'm getting about 40fps in town (haven't ventured out yet - will probably start over later) at 1920x1200 default High settings with AAA and 4xAF. I played around with VSync because I noticed a lot of screen tearing, since the FPS is already low, it didn't seem to change anything FPS-wise, but the mouse didn't seem as smooth. I may have to forgo VSync (forced through nHancer).

I'm a little leery of tackling the .cfg file though - this looks like a good candidate for a Tweakguide article and I'll watch to see what they adjust and how it looks/performs. But if it stays around 35-40 even through battles, it'll be playable. Not even sure if I should risk Very High... maybe with no AAA?
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