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Default gtx 285 ocx gpu usage spikes

Ok so somthing odd has started hapening the past 3 days. Instead of gpu usage spiking upwards its spiking downwards. So any game for lets say around 5 seconds runs at 50+ frames, then all of the sudden gpu usage drops to 5-7% and the frames drop at the same exact time to 0 to 7 frames a second. I have forced fans max. Power mode to perf. driver cleaner'd sound and card drivers. reseated and moved the gtx to the other slot, moved the sound card etc. system is 4 gigs ram e8400 285gtx oc win 7 xfi fatality extreme.

oh and when i load up an older game like sid miers pirates! it doesnt do it. gpu usage stays stable.
MSI 780i diamond sli.
8400 core 2 duo.
2 x msi 9600 gt oc's @ 760x1950.
4 gigs ram.
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