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Default Strange problem after hardware upgrade

I recently upgraded my hardware, and amongst other things moved from a 7600 to a 9800 nvidia graphics card. I am using a Gigabyte P55-UD5 motherboard with kernel (custom built) and the latest 195.36.15 nvidia driver, on a mainly Fedora 12 system.

I mention these details even though I don't think they are all relevant!

If I start the X window system (runlevel 5) with the gnome window manager (which I always use) then after a while the system becomes unusably slow. If I manage to 'escape' X fast enough to a console screen, I cannot type anything as all characters entered are entered twice!

If left to its own devices, it may take up to an hour for the system to slow down. However, if firefox is used this time is reduced to about 10 minutes.

Why I say that the change of graphics card may not be relevant is because when I put back the old card the problem was worse!

Now, I had the same problem after the upgrade with the 190 series driver, which was the same as I had been using on the pre-upgrade system. I had also been using the same kernel (at the time it was the only change being to recognise different network driver hardware.

As things stand, the system is unusable, unless I only use the console (so it is fine in its role as a server, but not as a desktop machine).

What has happened? If it was caused by some upgrade which I installed via yum, surely there would be others reporting terrible problems over the past few days!
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