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Default Re: Realistic time frame for Fermi (not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
I agree. GTFO fanboy. Better yet, go back to jail.
I don't see the need for this, although I do have to say ...

For the amount of NV hate a lot of you seem to be putting out I wonder why you bother
to come here and post when there are plenty of ATi boards around.

Seems to me you just like to 'troll' and get a rise out of people. *shrug*

Both cards have their merits and problems. I fail to see why *EITHER* side needs
to berate the other..if you enjoy ATi, more power to you. I personally prefer NV.

Edit: To be fair, the NV person who you were going after needs to tone it down too. It's not
worth getting worked up about. It would be nice to come to an NV forum and not have to deal with the nv hate though.
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