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Default Re: Bug 195.36.15: GT 330M (Sony VPCF115FM): mode switching, edid, backlight, dual sc

I can confirm the following with some minor adjustments

Originally Posted by eijk View Post
  • mode switching to and from text console results in a strange white pattern (greying out), nothing else visible (no crash)
I can switch VT's, but I can't see any of them. Blindly hitting ctrl alt f7 lets me get back to X.

  • need to explicitly specify EDID from /proc:

Option         "CustomEDID" "DFP-0: /proc/acpi/video/NGFX/LCD/EDID"
Thank you! I was using a downloaded EDID before I tried this trick. I'm very curious why this works and the driver can't grab the EDID itself.

I'm using the nvidia_bl driver to manage the backlight controls - Fn keys still don't work. I helped add support for the 330M card.

I can get two screens to work on my 330M, but with my main screen broken some how with EDID, plug and play won't work. So if I forget to boot my laptop without my monitor plugged in, it will never find it.

Anyway, I attached my own bug report.
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