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Default Re: Realistic time frame for Fermi (not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Dogmifier View Post
I don't see the need for this, although I do have to say ...

For the amount of NV hate a lot of you seem to be putting out I wonder why you bother
to come here and post when there are plenty of ATi boards around.

Seems to me you just like to 'troll' and get a rise out of people. *shrug*

Both cards have their merits and problems. I fail to see why *EITHER* side needs
to berate the other..if you enjoy ATi, more power to you. I personally prefer NV.

Edit: To be fair, the NV person who you were going after needs to tone it down too. It's not
worth getting worked up about. It would be nice to come to an NV forum and not have to deal with the nv hate though.
Wow joined in Jan 2010.....

Calling long term members trolls because as technology evolved so did their selection in GPU's.

Why join another forum? That doesn't make sense at all, I joined here initially because of my might wanna google that one.

Like many others here that currently have ATi hardware, historically I've had nV based boards.....

So now ATi is on top and I bought that.....why wouldn't I continue to frequent the forums I have for 6 years?

Where the problem that some people can't accept that ATi has made a huge comeback, people are buying their Gpu's and talking about them in a positive sense....comparing them to the non-existent offerings from nV....

And when nV is on top price, performance, features, and corporate ethics (I consider the disabling of hybrid physics and lying repeatedly about Fermi Sept-Jan to be unethical) I'll be buying up an EVGA something or other with an nVidia Gpu in it.

Till that Day, I'll continue to support AMD.

WTF is wrong with competition people? It's what's keeping graphics cards in the realm of "some what affordable".

This forum has gone for the ****s....since nV stopped being on top.....Fanbois just can't handle that.
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