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Default New firewall to replace tiny pf

I have Tiny PF 2.0.1 installed for months now And I love the interface but,
The programs over a year old and new versions are no longer free so here are my questions

1) Do I need to relace/upgrade my firewall to keep it from getting out of date.
2) Any exloits that this firewall misses?
3)any personal choices for free firewalls?

I want my firewall to have completly adjustable rules
MD5 hashing of program exe's to verify authorization to rules

Tiny has this but its age has me a little worried.

I installed the free version of zonealarm on my aunts PC and its nice but not as streamlined as TinyPF but is my current front runner for a replacement.
P.S. NO one recomend Mcafee firewall to me had that and Virus scan on my mothers computer and it was the most user UN-friendly pathetically desined, resource hogging, bloated slapdashed coded piece of crap I've had to deal with. I still can't belive she paid for that POS. Had to go get Norton VS and ZA installed to get the system stable.
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