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Default ASUS A7N8X and SuSE Solutions....

We got it going with an A7N8X Deluxe board under SuSE 8.2 using nvidia's SuSE RPM 1.0-0261.

The key to get nForce2 linux drivers to work with the A7N8X board is to turn off ACPI and APIC in the motherboard's BIOS. Then enter the following paramters in the "Kernel options" box in the Boot Loader screen:

acpi=off noapic

then you can install the nforce drivers without any problems.

The problem has something to do with ACPI and APIC interfering with hardware detection for the nvidia network port and the onboard sound.

Also, don't forget to turn ACPI and APIC back on in the BIOS afterwards. If you have Windows XP installed as well, XP will hang during boot up.

If for some reason you have to re-install and forget to turn off apic and acpi, you can still have network capability using the 3Com network port. SuSE 8.2 will want to make the Nvidia network port the primary network device. All you got to do is remove it and configure the 3Com device as eth0.

Hope this helps!

Modem Mercenary

P.S. awaiting SuSE 9.0...
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