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Default The best way to configure users?

I am wondering what is the best way to configure Windows 7 users and what the usage would look like. The scenario is for someone who uses the PC for work and play and is a experienced user.

Perhaps it should it be like this?
Create a standard user account with password.
Create a administrator account with password.
Always log in as the standard user.
When installing software (an occasional activity), enter admin login details at the elevation prompt.
When doing a bunch of maintenance tasks, or rebuilding system (lots of installing / configuring), log in as the administrator (perhaps at the same time as being logged in as standard user)
What to do about nuisance legacy apps that require elevation but should not be run at window start?
What to do with multiple real, trusted users eg. one standard + one admin account per person?

I notice that sometimes the standard user will get less elevation prompts compared to the administrator user. For example, running Regedit with a .reg file accessing the current user will not elevate for standard user but will always elevate for administrator.

I figure there must be an intended way to use this user stuff. I have been using an administrator account with UAC enabled but I'm sure that is not the intended method.

Please share your thoughts, but don't waste time with 'just disable UAC'.
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