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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

No its not checking. Gears is running from dvd all the time after logos. ALL THE TIME(and its installed). I played like 4 hours yesterday. But I think that disc is spinning slower somehow ....

Installed Pure doesnt do that. Disc is never spinning after I start game and console is dead quiet.(only fans) Batman lego( ) also works allright.

I guess I will go to my friend and see if it is happening to him to. Its not a big deal becouse its only one game but its my most antipicated game for prof box!

And one more question. Console is barely warm on the back(fans) and on the bottom side. I have it vertically. In fact I think they really made up cooling better. 4hours(with disc spinning) and it was only warm.

Anyway. GoW2 is AWESOME!
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