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Default Re: G210m Blank Laptop Display

Originally Posted by isu View Post
Im having this same problem with Asus UL50VT, some ul30 and ul80 users have this too. My goal is to get the HDMI output working. I cant get it out with the Intel GPU so im trying it by the nvidia way

Can I provide more info?

date 7th Jan 2010:
Nvidia G210M
Kubuntu / Ubuntu Karmic 9.10
Nvidia drivers from ppa: 190.53
EDID taken from Win7

I have also tried the different setups mentioned in this topic.
I have the same laptop with Ubuntu 9.10. I don't need to use HDMI just need to get the G210M driver to work with out screen going blank.

Not sure if you read this post anymore but just incase if you find the fix please let me know.

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