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Default Re: Official Metro 2033 Feedback Thread

My mini review.

Played through the first quarter of the game with DX9, then switched to 10 with no noticeable impact on performance. 1680x1050, E8500 @ 3.8 and 4870 512 @ stock using the cat10.2s. I averaged according to fraps 25-35 fps on high, very smooth until towards the end, a couple of short stutters while underground.

As I said earlier, the use of color, shadow and light is phenomenal. This game manages to set a mood of despair with an underlying urgency that far surpasses anything STALKER or HL2 managed, and many of the battles left me feeling a bit of disbelief that I actually made it though it. Great balance, especially given the limited amount of ammo, which leads to my next prop for the game.

Scavenging for ammo, gas mask filters etc, is a must. In spite of this being a very linear game, they were able to make exploration possible to a decent extent. While underground, search for access points that lead even further underground, and off your path. Good fun.

Scripted events - I usually hate them, but they were used with good effect here, and only added to the atmosphere imho. There were even a couple of "WoW" moments, unexpected events that were well thought out and executed.

Main point for me is that I never once got bored, although several times I was a bit disconcerted at meet the ferocity of some of the attacks successfully....

Excellent game imho, it refreshed my desire to play through a good video game, was beginning to get bored with the whole scene. Very refreshing, this one is. I'll be playing this again, then maybe again after that.
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