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Default Re: Official Metro 2033 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
No question about it. U3 engine is very inferior but it seems Metro engine does is not able to provide a wow factor graphics.
I mean Crysis uses a lot of power but it throws at our face what it was doing with it.
Metro can look great in some places but honestly i find Stalker light/shadow system more impressive.
I guess itīs the way that Metro creates the light system that is more advanced like the implementation of GI, in Stalker enabling it killed the performance and gave strange results.

Anyway until now i like it , but iīm not dazzled by it. Itīs just a decent game.
Agreed, and this is what I was actually comparing, not the game play. Just my opinion of course, I just think Metro's assets work much better as a whole to contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game.
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