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Default Re: Screen corruption and hard lock-up with anything >180.60 on 8400M GT

Hi, I'm very interested in your post, as I have the exact same issue with my 9800GT, same screen corruption patterns and same lockup. I run Ubuntu 9.10. My cards been working perfectly for just under one and a half years, that is until I installed driver 195.36.15 (the 'fixed' driver). I saw the warnings over 195.36.08 and avoided it, but on the 15th of March (a few days ago), I saw on this forum the fixed driver had been released, and downloaded via FTP, and today on the 19th I started a game 10 minutes into it this corruption (same as OP), followed by a freeze occurred. Now I wonder if you installed this new one (195.36.15) to try same as I did?. I returned back to the Ubuntu default proprietary driver, same thing, screen corruption and my PC freezes. To test more I booted into Windows 7, using the older driver (196.21), few seconds after the desktop appears same thing, corrupted and freezes my PC. So in effect my 9800GT is dead, I used this card for quite a while (1 1/2 years almost), and within days of trying the 'fixed' driver my card fails?, something needs looking into here, and I'm just warning others to watch out.

I always keep my eye on my temps, and did notice my card getting hotter than usual (74 C)with 195.36.15, but I just assumed as the weather is warming up its nothing to worry about, but when I think about my temp was hitting 74 and 'sticking' to that number, my temp usually fluctuates, from 57-62 during gaming.

If this driver has damaged my card how do I go about getting a replacement?.
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