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Default Re: Playing with RAM timings.

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
The trouble with timings is, as was said, the gains are tiny, but it can make for an unstable system. If you're really unlucky, data loss, too. Also, stress testing doesn't always find problems. Best thing I've found is only adjust one at a time and just use your PC for a week or two. If all is well, tweak again.
I have been reading post from others with the same RAM. Seems 7-7-7-18 at 1600 is about all I should expect.

Had a funny thing happen last night. I wanted to see what effect overclocking my CPU had on FSX so I started the game, setup a flight in New York (NYC is a good place to fly too see what FPS your going to expect in FSX) got it up and running and saved the game. I loaded up one of my BIOS OC settings and ran FSX again loaded my saved game and got worse FPS than with my stock CPU clock. My OC was 3.46GHz. I got 10-15 more FPS with the stock settings. My OC took because I checked it with CPUZ. After all that I went to bed, going to check it out again tonight.
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