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Post WeeklyTube Issue 28: PhysX video overview

APEX Clothing 3ds MAX plug-in by NVIDIADeveloper

Physically simulated clothing via PhysX SDK. Authoring process using APEX Clothing module and 3ds Max. From GDC 2010.

APEX Destruction PhysX Lab by NVIDIADeveloper

Destructible environments via PhysX SDK. Authoring process using APEX Destruction Module and PhysX Lab tool. From GDC 2010.

Carmageddon XNA opponents by 1amStudios

Another video from Carmageddon XNA remake developer diary, showcases recently implemented basic AI. Computer controlled opponents are following racetrack using path nodes. Physics is based on PhysX SDK.

Metro 2033 PhysX DX9 mode by kakit526

Decent cloth simulation scene in Metro 2033 title. Is working regardless to your GPU model and Advanced PhysX option state.

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