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Post Advanced PhysX in Metro 2033

Metro 2033 was looking as highly considerable title ' post-apocalyptic setting, intense focus on atmosphere and storyline, state-of-the-art graphics engine with DX 11 support, and of course, solid implementation of PhysX SDK based physics.

And after finishing it we can say ' Metro 2033 is pretty good game for sure. But following the direction of our site, will leave other game aspects to reviewers and focuse on in-game physics implementation, and 'Advanced PhysX' mode particularly.

Overall physics level is looking pretty decent, but anticipated 'Advanced PhysX' option may be dissapointing ' it's adds only several hardly-noticeable particle effects (we already saw numerous discussions with same idea 'what is Advanced PhysX doing ? I can't notice anything ' is it working ?').

Surprisingly, but destructible physics objects, particle effects in key scenes and even cloth banners aren't affected by 'Advanced PhysX' switch.

Moreover, additional PhysX content is even somehow optimized for multi-core CPU execution (will use it if Nvidia GPU is not present in the system). Of course, intense firefight with a lot of impact debris particles or several smoke clouds from grenade explosions will result in heavy fps drop (while running all calculations on CPU), but situation is better than in previous GPU PhysX games.

For example, that's how CPU load is looking while defending the barricade at the end of the Chapter 3 (this scene has lot of impact particles), with Advanced PhysX content running on CPU.

Final Sum: additional PhysX content in Metro 2033 is not nearly so intensive and defiant as in previous GPU PhysX games ' one can call it mediocre, other will say it fit in game environment more naturally. But from what we heard, there may be PhysX patch for Metro 2033 ' no additional details were revealed yet.

As always, GPU PhysX Info mini-site for Metro 2033 is located here

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