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Default Re: Playing with RAM timings.

Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
If you're overclocking the FSB and keep your timing setting on auto, then the BIOS will real the timing table form the SPD chips on the modules and adjust the timings based on the "slowest" stick.

The best you're ever going to get is maybe 1ns or less out of the RAM regardless of whether you're overclocking or not. I suggest you let the BIOS decide what the timings should be set to.

If its being goofy with RAM ratios and please correct me if I am stupid and this makes no sense [or if I am wrong lol]...

eg: If the FSB is at 240x4 with a 5:4 ratio then the RAM would be running 768MHz (which would give you 7-7-7-12) but timings are based on a 960MHz speed (11-11-12-16) then you would want to set the timings to what you would get at that frequency. This is where you theoretically could tighetn the timings a bit because the RAM is running at a slower frequency tham its spec'd to do. You could possibly get away with something like 6.5-7-7-11 and maybe even less.

Other than that you will want to play it safe, because its just not worth the risk. Also, keep a burnt copy of the memtest86+ ISO handy to test your successful POST results, without booting into the OS.
I'm not sure if you are correct or not. This part "If the FSB is at 240x4 with a 5:4 ratio" is Greek to me I'm still a noob. I have had my CPU OC to 3.56GHz but recently have put it back to stock. I never really noticed any difference in performance with my CPU OC, unless I was running a benchmark program. In games and every day usage I can't tell any difference.
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