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Default TV out useless after debian squeeze upgrade

I've got trouble with the tv out of my 9300GS. As i start to build my system, i spent a lot of hours to make it work cause none of the newer driver versions detect my tv. I've tried several configurations with twinview and only the tv pluged in, btw the tv is connected through a scart adaptor over a svideo cable to the svideo out of the board. Finally i got it working with the older 180.60 driver.
After the latest upgrade of my debian squeeze the driver module won't load anymore and X dies with the message " undefined symbol: resVgaShared". Unfortunately it's not possible to downgrade X.
All driver versions prior 190.18 i've tested won't load and all versions above doesn't find my tv. Mainly i need the system as VDR and a VDR without tv out is somewhat useless :/
Is there a possible solution in sight or any workaround known?

thanks in advance
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