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Default Re: Playing with RAM timings.

If your doing anything where the data is too big to fit into the cpu cache, ram timings can make a big difference. Surfing the web and checking email don't fit into that category.

When using ram that has a speed greater than 1333mhz be aware that there isn't a industry spec on the timings, and the little spd chips on the memory boards are often misread by motherboards.

Realistically, what you want to do is have your ram clocked at the same speed as the bus accessing it.

As a interesting note, if you look at the following timings and ask yourself the question: which is faster, and why.
1600mhz 7-7-7-21 2t
1300mhz 7-7-7-21 1t

Strangely enough (and for good reason) the 1300mhz timing is faster, because 2T (command rate) means that the cpu can only send commands to the ram every second tick. So instead of being 300mhz faster, it turns into 1300mhz slower.

Also by general rule RAS= CL+RCD+RP (but not always).
CL - CAS latency
RCD - RAS to CAS delay
RP - RAS Precharge
RAS - Row Address Strobe/ Row Address Select.

What I would recommend timing wise, is that you head on over to the OCZ forums and make a post in the right forum with what you bought, and what system you have and ask them for the optimal timings. I did that for my GSKILL ram, and they were a great help.
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