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Default 195.36.15 weird MSI behaviour


I have done quite interesting experiment:
I usually have #options nvidia NVreg_EnableMSI=1 commented out in /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf because it freezes Linux permanently in a short time.

Today I loaded nvidia as usual without MSI. Then I exited X, rmmod nvidia, uncommented EnableMSI in options.conf. Then loaded X again. In /proc/interrupts I see nvidia uses MSI. The older irq nvidia module used before is empty, it is listed on interrupts list but with empty name. Nvidia module is present on MSI interrupt.
xrender tests passed oK and glxgears too. Only VDPAU and Xv refused to work - mplayer hangs.

Then I rebooted PC. Nvidia jumped in to MSI. This time there is no empty remaining place where nvidia usually loads. X become frozen right after loading KDE4. I was unable to move mouse cursor.

If nvidia loads as MSI only it freezes machine.
If nvidia loads as default, then removed and loaded as MSI it works except Xv and VDPAU because after removal something with empty name is still registered at IRQ nvidia was using before.

According to findings on the Internet only Geforce 8200 can not work in MSI mode. All recent add on Geforces work great in MSI mode.
Can you please fix MSI for Geforce 8200?
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