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Question Cooperative Online Games

I'm looking for a new (or relatively new) online game to play. I enjoy cooperative games, that revolve around some sort of Players versus Environment gameplay. I'm not a big fan of playing by myself, or at least for no more than a basic tutorial of the game before I can join other players. Are there any games out there that I may like?

The closest I've come to finding the game I like is Dungeons and Dragons Online and World of Warcraft.

I like DDO because it seems to be very heavily group and PvE based. However the DnD 3.5 system does not translate well into an online game and putting a group together can take forever somedays.

I like WoW for its excellent grouping dynamics and the Dungeon/Group Finder system is awesome for quickly getting together with others. The downfall is that I've been playing the game on and off for over 5 years and have seen every dungeon countless numbers of times. I need to play something else.

Can anyone suggest an online coop game that I may like?

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