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Originally posted by Ruined
It's competitive in AA speed (tho AA quality is not as good), AF speed it's not as fast but then again the AF quality is superior on the NV cards.

By reviewing most of the benchmarks on Anand's, Tom's, and HotHardware, it's apparent that the FX5700 runs most games as fast or faster than the 9600XT. Yes, there are a few that the XT runs better, but there are more that the FX5700 runs faster.

As for PS2.0 speed, we have yet to see a PS2.0 game with an NV3x optimized mixed mode path running with the new 52.16 compiler. Will be interesting to see when HL2 comes out how the cards stand up, as HL2 should meet that criteria.
Read HardOCP's review, they have similar findings to DH. Any decent lineup of recent games and in depth review will show that the XT pummels the 5700 in DX9/PS 2.0 games and with AA enabled it still scores higher (not to mention looks a lot better). As for your point about nVidia's AF being superior, who's to say that even holds true anymore since they do not allow trilinear filtering?

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