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Default Re: nvidia driver very unstable on gtx260m

Found a workaround to avoid this bug.

If I on every start and resume from suspend to ram do an extra switch to vt1 and back, AND click my alienware's "stealth mode" button it's stable. Doing one of those actions does not work, but both in combination does. I'm guessing it resets a bit more to the settings it's supposed to be at. If your having this issue and don't have a stealth mode button, try running up glxgears or something, to trigger a speed change.

This means a wakeup from s2ram for me is:
Wakeup on vt1, resume goes normal, changes to vt7, I switch it back to vt1 and back to vt7 after that, and click my stealth mode button on and off.

//edit, this is on ubuntu karmic 64bit. New drivers 190 and 195 has both worked. Latest beta has an odd slowdown over time bug though.

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