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Default Re: 195.36.15 weird MSI behaviour

Yes you are using MSI now.

I would love to use MSI too. But I can't - MSI on Geforce 8200 hangs terribly. System is so frozen that only hard reset can help. After freeze and reboot the disk may become corrupted. It happened to me after few seconds of X use. That is why I do not test MSI often. Just hope from time to time Nvidia will fix this - integrated GPUs are a little bit different than addon GPUs.

MSI is working great for me in SATA, Eth and integrated audio driver.
You can move your HDA Intel audio which is shared on INT 21 according to your logs also to MSI. This way you will avoid IRQ sharing which may make some troubles under load and improve overall performance a little bit.

options snd_hda_intel enable_msi=1
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