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Default Re: 195.36.15 weird MSI behaviour

Originally Posted by Milena View Post
Just a quick question about MSI,
if it doesn't cause trouble is it recommend to make use of it and if so how do i enable it properly ?
There is no /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf on my Fedora 12 installation. Creating this file with the entry
options nvidia NVreg_EnableMSI=1
is all i have to do ? I asked about this recently on my distributions forum >

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The answer to all question is yes. Moving devices to MSI frees APIC or PIC interrupts. This way you can avoid IRQ sharing and can connect more devices. More advantages here:

My Geforce 8200 (MCP78S) is treated very badly by Nvidia:
- enabling MSI for integrated GPU freezes my computer
- USB 1.1 OHCI hangs in APIC mode since I bought this mainboard.
Nvidia says they quit chipset business. After ongoing chipset success since year 2000 the last one is so crappy. How I can recommend their hardware seeing how crappy it is.
I hope they do something with these 2 ugly bugs.
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