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Originally posted by Hellbinder
Greg.. Why are you singling me out? I hardly made Fanboy comments here. Others in this thread were far more critical than I. I even said there was a group of games that if you play exclusively the 5700U is the clear choice. ....
My appologies Hellbinder, I truthfully wasn't trying to single you out. I read the original thread like this: Someone starts thread with issue/subject then depending on positive or negative nV/Ati, nv Fan says blah, then Ati fan says Blah, and that repeats for quite some time. Usually the fans bring in 'supporting evidence' that we've heard many times before. It was pretty stupid of me to even write that first 'fanboy' line, but I'm quite tired of the fan back and forth arguing that often gets away from the original topic so quick that I usually don't bother contributing to the thread. I did quote you, in partial agreement that that particular game is most likely biased (weather intentionally disadvantaging Ati or not, I have no idea.) But wanted to highlight that there are or will be oppositely biased games to compare with. I write this response because I was not intending a personal attack on you and don't want you to feel offended.
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