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Default Re: How Long Until They Cannot Be Called Games?(Splinter Cell 5)

I'm trying to think of a good example. But lets take something like Painkiller. After 60 (?) souls are collected you become invincible, can deal massive amounts of damage and can do it when you want.

Isn't that somewhat analagous to this? Replace 60 souls with one guard, invincilble with mark ane execute.

Now I haven't played the game. Having to take down only one guard in stealth to get this feature sounds way too easy. Not having a bad penalty if you get spotted in a stealth game also sounds ridiculous. But many games have these semi-invicible features and have for a long time. (FEAR slow motion, Doom 3 cube thing, mw2 breaching, )

Surely it comes down to how they are implemented, not their existence?

I'm all for challenging games, why I play STALKER. But I didn't mind Prince of Persia which didn't let you die, nor Bioshock 2 with vita chambers. I'm definitely not sure about changing core game mechanics of a franchise though.

Actually now that I think of it, most of the games with this feature still require a certain level of skill (Accuracy or speed) to make the most of them. SC5 seems like press one button to kill all?
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