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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
and it freaking rocks. Been playing some Metro 2033 tonight, and to say I'm "excited" would be an understatement.

PhysX + DX11 in this title is a world that will amaze you, this is what immersion is about.
You do know that physx is just a gimmick that will never take off. In fact I hope it never does just like this crap 3D television. I don't need to wear glasses that make me dizzy to watch TV! Okay back on topic, as for DX11 that's not really the future since ATI has been able to do it for months now, more like that's NVIDIA catching up to the future.

God I swear, I have nothing against NVIDIA but vague PR garbage from a man endorsed by NVIDIA makes me not want to buy their products. I really don't like people like you. Sorry just my opinion. What is the point of this post?! Nothing really its meaningless and stupid drivel. I was looking forward to this Friday but if you keep this up you'll make my mind up for me and I'll just go with ATI just to spite you!

I should go to be now I'm tired.
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