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Default Re: 195.36.15 weird MSI behaviour

Originally Posted by Milena View Post
Thank you zbiggy for the info

The command lspci -vvv | grep 'Message Signalled Interrupts' gives no output at all on Fedora 12, not as user nor root.
Strange. I tried this on RedHat EL 5.4 and works on root. Indeed when I tried as normal user it returned 'command not found'. Will try on Fedora when come back home. Maybe you do not have lspci command installed.

Originally Posted by Milena View Post
Also thanks for the hint with snd_hda_intel but its the onboard soundchip of my ASUS M4N82 (Nvidia chipset) and it stays in IO-APIC-fasteoi mode regardless what setting, i tried to add it to options.conf as well as boot option for the kernel. My GTX275 card works fine with MSI and very stable, i hope Nvidia will fix the issue for older models soon.
snd_hda_intel is only driver name common for IHDA itegrated audio in new chipsets from Nvidia/AMD/Intel. I have AMD CPU and mainboard and use snd_hda_intel. Do
lsmod | grep snd_
and send me the output. Maybe you use AC97 instead of IHDA.

MSI for snd_hda_intel driver is present since alsa 1.0.13 if your alsa is older you do not have MSI support yet.
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