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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

Se for yourselves, PhysX is no "gimmick". It adds a lot to the level of immersion while playing the game, and only NVIDIA DX11 card owners will get the full experience of this game.
Game critics agree with me that it's a lot of fun.

This what I mean when I say ATi users lock themselves out of what high end gaming has become- you get no PhysX, and this game is optomised for 3D Vision as well.

This stuff transcends brand loyalty IMO- buying an ATi card now is just too limiting. ATi is doing nothing to advance the computer gaming experience.

PhysX is a gimmick. If nvidia was serious about "advancing the gaming experience" they would make it work on all cards so that developers wouldn't have to use it only for minor effects that could be run on any physics engine 10 years ago(or at least let us with ATI cards use a separate PhysX card as well). Mirror's Edge is a perfect example of this. That Metro 2033 video is pathetic as well. Oh and guess what? They've limited the code they've written for PhysX games so that it only runs on one core when using the software version. When properly utilized PhysX runs perfectly on a CPU as well as shown here. Only when running a separate card for PhysX does it outperform the CPU+GPU setup, but that nvidia has kindly chosen not to mention on the box of their graphics-cards.

3DVision is a great feature however. Wish there were better monitors out for it though(3D TVs coming this year).
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