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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Although the original post I thought was pretty innocent, I can't help but say this.

PhysX was and still is a gimmick. The only game that I have ever seen a significant difference in was Mirror's Edge where you walk through the plastic drapes in the warehouse.

There's hardly any difference in PhysX/non-PhysX in that metro video. Oh wow.. you mean my smoke cloud radius is enlarged by half an inch. Cool. And three more metal shards fall to the ground after I shoot a wall. Extra cool.

If you want to see games with really good physics effects then check out the new Battlefield BC or Ghostbusters. Both of those are incredible and stomp Metro's physics into the ground, and both are CPU-based physics--proving that it doesn't take a GPU to render great physics effects.

3D I won't speak for, because I have yet to try it, and it does sound cool. But I'm reluctant to try it until prices on TVs come down, and I also don't like that, up until recently, it's been proprietary. That will always hold new tech back.

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