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Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
Crap games with implementation doesn't mean jack.

Havok still has a lead in tier 1 titles. Heck, per the graphs on the site you linked, it has the lead in the top 3 tiers while PhysX dominates in the bargain basement titles that likely see few installs.

Results are obvious enough – PhysX SDK is dominating on PC market, Havok – on console market (reasons were described in pt. 1). Also, only Havok has advanced support for various platforms – not only PC and modern consoles, but Xbox, PS2 and even PSP.
Read the article next time

If you can't read it and just looking at one graph to make a point its a pretty weak arguement.

Havok leads in Consoles, and thats it, when it comes to PC titles, they aren't even close.

Thanks to it’s free license and rich feature set PhysX SDK, preferred by small teams, is dominating PC market. Currently PhysX SDK is widely adopted by russian (mostly trash games) and korean (mostly specific MMOs) developers. Not to mention, that PhysX SDK is default physics solution for Unreal Engine 3, used in majority of UE3 based titles (Gears of War, Mass Effect, etc). Year 2009 has brought some popular games, like Dragon Age: Origins, Overlord 2 or Risen, into PhysX library.

Havok is currently best choise for AAA titles – extensive toolset , orientation on consoles, best-in-class developer support. Well-known titles of year 2009, like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves or Killzone 2 are based on Havok. Surprisingly, even Try Havok initiative hasn’t helped Havok to gain popularity at indie-developers community.

And problem is now that PhysX is also available on PS3 and PS2 is now gone, added to physX works on cellphones like the Iphone, guess what the market is going to be ?
If you look at AAA titles for the PC from a year to year basis, its pretty equal for physX to Havok in recent years, but then again, GPU physics, only one it town. Havok looses at the end, and Havok will continue to loose marketshare as long as Intel doesn't allow them to come out. Why do you think ATi is now with Bullet? What happened with Havok? Intel screwed AMD, AMD did a stupid move to promote Havok GPU physics after Intel bought them out. They should have know Intel would lock them out (well not lock them out but drop the ball because Larrebbee just wasn't up to snuff)

As of 2008 Havok hasn't been implemented as much as PhsyX and this is when PhysX came out after nV bought them. My point being, nV is doing a good job at pushing it out there, if you don't like the effects, thats up to you, and I really could care less, because others like what they see, and the potential of more is there, just takes time to get those out.
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