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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Well,this is what i'm thinking about getting this year,being the enthusiast user that i am,and i think i'm covered for CPU power for the next couple of years at least,no matter how sophisticated physics get:

Dual socket enthusiast board,costing 600$,and can support 6 core/12 thread CPU's in each socket,for a grand total of 24 threads and with 48 GB of memory in total as a maximum and support for both SLI and crossfire,and unlike standard server boards,it has plenty of options for overclocking too.

Expensive,sure,but problem solved for a long time to come...It's an EVGA classified SR-2 motherboard btw,and it's out now.

Well I'm an enthusiast have a mac pro with 2 quad core xeons at 2.93 ghz with 16gigs of ram, I spend 6 grand total on my computer (with a 30 inch monitor) a year and half back, and I know I don't need to touch my cpu's for another 2 years. Good investment, I know CPU power won't hold me back for a while. I never really cared about SLi or Crossfire. If I did I would probably have gotten a system from titanus or some company like that, back then.
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