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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Razor1 View Post
All of these things, you forget that now the glass in Mirror's edge also causes damage to the player, as in per poly collision detection, and also now the amount of object calculations of the glass itself. What am I talking about? The amount of calculations to do these things, aren't just a visual crap shot. This is what you guys are missing, you think game developement is still like the text based games of the 80's? I think you guys think it is. Guess what I've been around long enough to know some of the best things in games, that I like, I don't see them in the best games today, and thats why I still play at times text based games.

You guys want realism in physics, lets go through some simple neutonian fluid dynamics

now what were we using in games 5 years ago, were we using physics for water? Whats the difference in calculations amounts? Are we using physics in todays water, yeah on a per poly basis, to show interaction, lets get some real physics involved the increase is in the tens of thousands of increase in calculation amounts and more so because we have to use particles. I don't need to keep posting but a basic understanding is all I'm looking for, if you think physics is easy to implement there are quite alot of implications from design, hardware side that without understanding now computers and games evolve on features, anyone even a two year old can say something is a gimmick. I can say Sh*t my favorite games are wizardary 1, 2, 3 and they still are, and everything since then has been a gimmick with game design is involved.
Believe me I get the difference between physics then and now, but are you honestly telling me that those simulations in Mirror's Edge couldn't be done on an i7 at 4Ghz? I should also have included the video without PhysX so you could see for yourself how awful it looks even compared to red faction. The point here wasn't that the glass shattering with physx on looked worse than red faction, but that it looks worse with it turned off. This to me makes no sense.

If, and when, nvidia chooses to properly support PhysX on multicore CPUs and allow people to use dedicated physx cards along with their ATI gpus I'll definitely support it, but until then I won't.
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