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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Believe me I get the difference between physics then and now, but are you honestly telling me that those simulations in Mirror's Edge couldn't be done on an i7 at 4Ghz? I should also have included the video without PhysX so you could see for yourself how awful it looks even compared to red faction. The point here wasn't that the glass shattering with physx on looked worse than red faction, but that it looks worse with it turned off. This to me makes no sense.

If, and when, nvidia chooses to properly support PhysX on multicore CPUs and allow people to use dedicated physx cards along with their ATI gpus I'll definitely support it, but until then I won't.
Thats an art direction my man, thats the problem look at this way you want something that has breakable polys or do you want something that is premade and broken down when collision is detected. There is a major difference, there will be art limitations based on polygon arragement and texture details, if you want more realism, then we have to go into procedural texture being built on the fly, based on new UV's made for the polygons. Those aren't easy to do at all even with the horsepower we have today.
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