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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

My only point in posting this was to note this game kicks ass in DX11 with PhysX- very immersive.

Personally, given the choice between an ATi DX11 card and an NVIDIA DX11 card, I'd buy the NVIDIA card for this game alone. (not to mention all the other games with PhysX I have, and the ones that are still in development)

The thread isn't meant to be about marketshare of PhysX vs Havok, what can be done on cpu and what can't, whether NVIDIA should give ATi users PhysX capability.

This is a very nice game, it would really annoy me if I knew I couldn't see it at it's best after buying a high end graphics card.

Played it for quite a bit now and i got to say that always dealing with low ammo and filters when you go outside or near radioactive areas can and does piss me off some....Died many times already coming up with different strategies.
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