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Default Re: The Darkness Review

Bump. Just played this yesterday at night. IT IS ONE HELL OF AN INCREDIBLE GAME!

I always wanted to play this since it came out becouse I know that Starbreeze is making unique and good games. But I couldn't find it in stores when I had my previevous 360. Now my buddy happen to have it, so I grabbed it and (after a couple of tries with his old disc) got it installed.

MY GOD!!! The graphics, shooting mechanics(pushing a trigger on 360controller reflect identic move of player FINGER ON THE SCREEN!!!) and best part - atmosphere. I played it on headphones without light on late evening. I only got to the scene of escaping from restaurant but I had to collect my jaw from the floor. Voice acting, sound design, characters, dirty atmospheric subway station and meeting a girl ... I will wait till everyone in home go to sleep and play it some more

I recommend this very underrated game for people who didn't played it and like dark mood games! Glad I discovered this.

And no NarcissistZero, Kaguya, nekrosoft13 I am not justifing my chooice over ps3. I am just excited about the actuall game. The 360 is nothing new to me as You know. Just hope that Jasper Elite in well ventilated areas with games running from hdd ,wont die faster that falcon I had(which wasnt modded as You appear to think(yet)) In fact I might flash this one sometime ...

Anyway. Search for this game. Its fantastic.
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