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A remember a few years back some British artists created 3d lcd technology. They figured out how to lay stips of film onto normal lcd screens. It would split the the image so every other line on the screen would be project off to either the left or right eye. The only problem it had was that if you moved more then 15 degrees of center of the lcd the image was only apparent in 2d. To add it to the manifacturing of a standard lcd would cost less then $5 in parts. At the time no one was interested in the tech. They were working on a better version that would have multiple left/right fields so you could view it from any angle.

It's a great example of how some of the best technology comes from the little guys. No scientist, simply 2 people who had been making holographic photos for 20 years and figured out a cheap way to use it with computers. I'd love for them to release a monitor film-screen that you could just clip on over an lcd and turn it into 3d. All it would need is drivers to interlace the left and right eye images on the screen. And maybe a few adjustments up and down to get the film-screen inline with the monitor.
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