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Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I still don't understand why people are calling the destruction in Bad Company 2 "physics".

The only thing being calculated in real time is the dozen or so random chunks of wood\stone that actually collide with things. Beyond that, they're simply deleting "wall" models and replacing them with "hole" models. If enough walls have been deleted, the building plays the "fall over" animation, which is the same every time. They cover all of the transitions up with smoke effects but none of it is dynamic, even if it looks good.

There is no physics calculation being done for any of that, other than the chunks of wood that bounce (rather than fall through things).

A far better example of the kind of physics a CPU can do would be Flatout Ultimate Carnage. Just look at all of the debris flying around that actually has physics interactions:

... or you could look at Crysis for several examples of real physics calculations as opposed to canned model swapping and preset animations:

I know that isn't in real-time, but the engine can do it in real time with enough rendering and processing power. You won't see anything like this in Bad Company 2. Absolutely nothing close to it.

BC2 is a great game, but it doesn't do anything that proves that we don't need GPU physx. In fact, with GPU physx they could have made the walls actually fall apart dynamically, but it wouldn't be usable for everyone so that's obviously not realistic at this point. The game is already a multicore CPU hog. If it was doing more real physics it wouldn't even be playable.

And adding even better physics to battlefield bad company adds what to the game gameplay wise?....Do players have enough time to apreciate how the buildings fall apart realistically and avoid getting killed by other players in the process....Hell no.

It's a game that always emphasizes being constantly on the move after completing an objective,and always looking around you to avoid getting shot at,so i don't see how even better physics would improve things,since the fast paced action leaves little time to apreciate it anyhow,even if it were added.
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